Mine Tomorrow: Polon Percival and The Political Ploy


I’ve published my first book, Mine Tomorrow: Polon Percival and The Political Ploy, via Amazon KDP select. It’s science fiction and it’s meant to be funny.

Here’s the description on Amazon:

Polon Percival is a struggling, self-appointed private investigator living on the mining planet Klayton. After he accepts a routine case he unwittingly becomes involved in a planet-wide political ploy.

Although he would rather recline with a nice pipe, a tall drink, and his sultry but efficient robotic servant Portia than save Klayton from tyranny, he is given no choice.

A pair of maniacal but well-mannered mine owners force him to defend his reputation, and with it, the future of Klayton.

Filled with action, mini-golf, vexed interns, meek accountants, true love, and street-smart robotic professors Mine Tomorrow: Polon Percival and the Political Ploy is a comedic novel that promises to please fans of classic sci fi.

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Short Story Publication


Juncture: A Writerly Newspaper has published one of my short stories! It’s about a man obsessed with management techniques. It’s called, The Manner of Leadership.

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7 Productivity Tips From Ernest Hemingway


Hemingway could drink 16 double rum daiquiris in a sitting, so how the hell was he a productive writer? Here are 7 tips Hemingway employed to keep writing.

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